Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Am I tired?

Having two little kids while you are studying is really hard I guess. Time management is the most important even though I'm not really good in managing my time. Haha.....Sometimes I can feel that I really need 48 hours in a day and 14 days in a week. Y? Of course the anwer is just because you are a mother. Everything in the house u need to do it by yourself. Even though I do have a maid but I never put all the loads on her. My maid is just a helper of me. The rest of the tasks I will do it by myself. I will cook everyday just to make sure my kids and hubby will eat a healthy food prepared by myself. Of course I'm tired! But it's ok coz I want to loose my weight. By doing all these things, I hope I can loose more weight. Teehee :D

I will do anything for these two little kids!

Monday, April 27, 2009

My 1st attempt

Finally, I chose to blog! Will leave the fotopages as it is. Yee haa...but of course,I'm a little bit panic.Y? Coz I dunno what to write, what to put and so on. But it's ok.It will takes time for me to learn how to use this blog. :D

Ok,where should I start. Oh ya! We went to KLCC last Saturday. We parked somewhere far from KLCC. Letih jalan sebab takut nak tanggung risiko cari paring tak jumpa. So terpaksa la menapak ke taman. Now I realized that I need to do some body exercises. Baru jalan sikit dah penat. Hehe....I brought a backpack with all my kids' stuffs inside. Oh, tak lupa juga payung, tikar yang last2 tak pakai pun. Penat bawak jek. Ramainya umat kat situ. Yang sangat perasan taman tuh agak ada karat2 kat mainan dia.Agak bahaya to the kids. Anyway, we enjoyed playing at that playground and we are looking forward to go there again with enough bateries for our camera. Nih baru sampai, batery lak dah nak habis.Sedih jek rasa.

Here are the pictures taken on that fine evening :)

My two little adorable girls!

Adik and bibik.

Dunno y adik so serius that evening. Maybe because she was a bit jakun to see so many people playing around. I wish she can walk so that she can join kakak playing with water. (baru perasan yang bibik pakai kain batik sangkut Rihanna..malu plak tgh2 bandar pakai kain batik...TeeHee...walhal sling pouch dah beli cuma bibik tak suka pakai :( Takpe lah,janji BAHAGIA :D)

As usual, kakak was the happiest person on that evening. She kept running away from us and didn't want us to accompany her. Aiyah, this girl is really not afraid to any strangers. Bahaya sungguh.

Adik berlatarbelakangkan KLCC.

They are really good friends!

I really love my family so much! They are my sunshines and I do hope we will live happily ever after :)